Graduate Certificate in Education Policy

Through an interdisciplinary partnership among Education, Law, and Public Policy scholars, our Education Policy Graduate Certificate serves to develop critical leaders, policymakers, and scholars who demonstrate excellence in implementing and analyzing policy. A carefully planned set of courses will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and tools to answer tough policy questions facing our society, for instance: How do we address the rising costs of higher education? Segregated schooling? Undocumented immigrant students? Families who speak languages other than English? 

The Education Policy Graduate Certificate will provide students with:

  • Knowledge that they can apply to the study of education policy within their major discipline or their work in policy settings;
  • Skills in analyzing education policy issues, i.e., understanding differing values, political and economic arguments, costs/benefits, and policy processes;  
  • Conceptual tools to use in understanding and resolving issues faced in educational policy development and implementation.


Foundations - Students choose 1 of the following:
PUB_AF 8170Public Policy Processes and Strategies3
ED_LPA 9402Educational Policy Analysis3
Knowledge/Concepts - Students choose 1 or 2 of the following:
ED_LPA 9451Higher Education Finance3
ED_LPA 9457Higher Education Policy3
ED_LPA 7458Sociology of Education3
ED_LPA 9462History of U.S. Education Policy3
ED_LPA 9463Politics of Education3
LAW 5525Education Law1-3
Skills - Students choose 1 or 2 of the following:
ED_LPA 8955Discourse Analysis in Education3
ED_LPA 9465Policy Analysis Using Large Data Bases3
PUB_AF 8190Economic Analysis for Public Affairs3
PUB_AF 8420Public Program Evaluation3
PUB_AF 8430Public Policy Analysis3
ESC_PS 8690Educational Planning and Evaluation3

After coursework is complete, students will develop a mini-portfolio to demonstrate their learning.  NOTE:  Before taking courses and assembling a portfolio, you will need to fill out an initial plan of study and have a meeting with the policy certificate coordinator.

For more information about this graduate certificate, contact the ELPA Department by phone at 573-882-8221 or by e-mail at

Contact Information:
Emily Crawford-Rossi
Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
303 Townsend Hall