Graduate Certificate in Elementary Mathematics Specialist

The program is designed for inservice K-­6 teachers interested in pursuing advanced learning experiences and training to increase their knowledge and skill to teach or lead others in teaching mathematics in elementary classrooms. That is, the program is designed for teachers currently working full time.


The EMS graduate certificate program includes five integrated mathematics content/pedagogy  courses, each with an attached internship and two leadership development courses (total of 24 credits). The courses will be offered over a 2-year cycle beginning in the Fall semester (6 semesters of part-­time student effort). 

LTC 8871Teaching and Learning Number/Operations Advanced3
LTC 8881Internship - Number and Operations in Elementary Schools1
LTC 8872Teaching and Learning Rational Number Advanced3
LTC 8882Internship - Rational Numbers in Elementary Schools1
LTC 8876Teaching Data Analysis and Mathematical Modeling3
LTC 8877Foundations of Mathematics Leadership in Elem Schools2
LTC 8874Teaching and Learning Algebraic Reasoning Advanced3
LTC 8884Internship - Algebraic Reasoning in Elementary Schools1
LTC 8873Teaching and Learning Geometry and Measurement Advanced3
LTC 8883Internship - Geometry/Measurement in Elementary Schools1
LTC 8878Mathematical Leadership for Elementary Schools Advanced3

For information about certificate, contact Dr. Barbara Reys:

Phone: 573-882-4406
Address: 121 F Townsend