Graduate Certificate in Science of Reading and Special Education

This certificate prepares personnel to effectively implement evidenced-based practices for students with, or at-risk for, reading difficulties and disabilities, such as dyslexia. It enables educators to integrate all areas of curriculum to effectively assess and develop interventions and instructional plans for students with these literacy needs. 


Students complete a set 12 hours (4 course) program of study. Courses are recommended to be taken in sequence. Students eligible for the certificate program must hold a bachelor’s degree in the field of education, special education, or related services. Eligible students may or may not be concurrently enrolled in a graduate program.

SPC_ED 8215Evaluation and Data-Based Decision Making in Special Education 3
SPC_ED 8325Language and Communication in Special Education3
SPC_ED 8335Foundations of Science of Reading for Children with Disabilities3
SPC_ED 8336Applications of Science of Reading for Children with Disabilities3