Graduate Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

The Graduate Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) prepares English language teachers, English language program administrators, language testers, and educational materials writers to work in contexts where English is a foreign language (EFL contexts). The objectives of the certificate are to develop professionals with a) knowledge of the structure of the English language; b) an understanding of how languages are used and learned; and c) skills in designing and implementing pedagogical tasks to facilitate language learning.


The certificate consists of 18 graduate credit hours divided among five core courses and one elective course. Begin your course work with LTC 8645, LTC 8648 or both.

Required core courses
LTC 8644Teaching English Grammar and Pronunciation3
LTC 8645Second Language Acquisition3
LTC 8648Linguistics for Educators3
LTC 8649Methods of Teaching English Language Learners3
LTC 8650English to Speakers of Other Languages Practicum *3
Electives (choose one)
LTC 8900Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction (Teaching Languages Online)1-3
LTC 8900Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction (Materials in Language Teaching)1-3
LTC 8643Teaching ESL/EFL to Adult Learners3
LTC 8646Materials for and Assessment of English Language Learners3
LTC 8647Language and Culture for Educators3
LTC 8654ESOL Curriculum Development3
You may choose electives from other programs in consultation with your advisor.

 Upon completion of your core courses, you must complete a 16-week practicum, supervised online by a TESOL faculty member.  If you currently teach English language learners, you may conduct the practicum in your own classroom.  You cannot take LTC 8649 and LTC 8650 in the same semester.

Contact Information

Certificate web site:

Dr. Nikki Ashcraft

Dr. Rachel Pinnow

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