Minor in Education


To receive a Minor in Education students will complete a minimum of 15 credit hours. Students must receive a grade of C- or better and a 2.0 overall minimum GPA in Education courses for the minor. 

Some of these courses will require permission numbers. Please see the Enrollment Information and Course Description in MyZou for more information.

A minor must be completed and awarded at the same time as the MU undergraduate degree (i.e., minors cannot be claimed after graduation). 

**Courses MUST be completed from the 5 Departments: School of Information Science & Learning Technologies, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis, Educational, School & Counseling Psychology, Learning, Teaching and Curriculum, and/or Special Education.**

***Other education courses can be counted with the approval of advisors and the course instructor.***

At least one course from the following (3 or 6 credits):
ESC_PS 2000Experiencing Cultural Diversity in the United States *3
LTC 2040Inquiring into Schools, Community and Society I (encouraged to take with LTC 2044) *3
Additional courses from the following (9 or 12 credits):
LTC 1100Orientation *1
SPC_ED 1100Orientation: Special Education *1
ESC_PS 2010Inquiry Into Learning I (encouraged to take with ESC_PS 2014) *3
ESC_PS 2014Inquiry into Learning I - Field Experience (encouraged to take with ESC_PS 2010)1
LTC 2200School Health and Student Wellbeing *3
LTC 2044Inquiry into Schools, Community and Society: Field (encouraged to take with LTC 2040)1
IS_LT 2467Inquiry into Empowering Learners with Technology *3
SPC_ED 3100Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism **3
SPC_ED 4020Teaching the Exceptional Learner *3
ED_LPA 4060Inquiring into Schools, Community and Society II *3
LTC 4085Problems in Curriculum and Instruction1-3
IS_LT 4099Making and Education (3D printing)3
ED_LPA 4115Introduction to Learning Spaces3
ESC_PS 4115Human Learning3
SPC_ED 4300Introduction to Special Education *3
SPC_ED 4310Behavioral and Classroom Management *3
IS_LT 4310Seminar in Information Science and Learning Technologies3
IS_LT 4361Introduction to Digital Media3
IS_LT 4374Exploring Canvas1
IS_LT 4384Designing Games for Learning3
LTC 4460Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages3

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