Minor in Education


To receive a Minor in Education students will complete a minimum of 15 credit hours. Students must receive a grade of C- or better and a 2.0 overall minimum GPA in Education courses for the minor. 

Some of these courses will require permission numbers. Please see the Enrollment Information and Course Description in MyZou for more information.

A minor must be completed and awarded at the same time as the MU undergraduate degree (i.e., minors cannot be claimed after graduation). 

Courses MUST be completed from the following departments: Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis, Educational, School & Counseling Psychology, Information Science and Learning Technologies, Learning, Teaching & Curriculum, and/or Special Education.

Other education courses can be counted with the approval of advisors and the course instructor.

At least one course from the following (3 or 6 credits):
ESC_PS 2000Experiencing Cultural Diversity in the United States *3
LTC 2040Inquiring into Schools, Community and Society I (encouraged to take with LTC 2044) *3
or LTC 2040H Inquiring into Schools, Community and Society I - Honors
Additional courses from the following (9 or 12 credits):
Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
ED_LPA 4060Inquiring into Schools, Community and Society II *3
ED_LPA 4115Introduction to Learning Spaces3
Educational, School & Counseling Psychology
ESC_PS 2010Inquiry Into Learning I (encouraged to take with ESC_PS 2014) *3
ESC_PS 2014Inquiry into Learning I - Field Experience (encouraged to take with ESC_PS 2010)1
ESC_PS 4115Human Learning3
Information Science and Learning Technologies
IS_LT 2467Inquiry into Empowering Learners with Technology *3
IS_LT 4099Making and Education 3
IS_LT 4310Seminar in Information Science and Learning Technologies3
IS_LT 4361Introduction to Digital Media3
IS_LT 4374Exploring Canvas1
IS_LT 4384Designing Games for Learning3
Learning, Teaching & Curriculum
LTC 1100Orientation *1
LTC 2200School Health and Student Wellbeing *3
LTC 2044Inquiry into Schools, Community and Society: Field (encouraged to take with LTC 2040) *1
LTC 4085Problems in Curriculum and Instruction1-3
LTC 4460Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages *3
or LTC 4460H Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - Honors
Special Education
SPC_ED 1100Orientation: Special Education *1
SPC_ED 3100Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism **3
SPC_ED 4020Teaching the Exceptional Learner *3
SPC_ED 4300Introduction to Special Education *3
SPC_ED 4310Behavioral and Classroom Management *3

Courses are part of an accredited teacher certification program and so have the potential to be usable by students in the future if they wish to pursue teacher certification.


 Courses can provide students with coursework necessary to be a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT).