EdSp in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

The EdSp program prepares students to become inquiring, reflective school leaders at the school and district levels. We serve a diverse population of graduate students who are making a positive difference in students' lives. The program is delivered through a series of authentic learning experiences and formative assessments designed to meet the individual and group needs of students in each class. Students are expected to demonstrate their competence across a broad range of school and district issues such as instructional leadership, organizational development, fiscal and legal compliance, professional ethics and responsibility, professional development, and internal/external interpersonal relationships. Classes are typically taught as "hybrid" courses, which include online synchronous meetings on weekends. Typically, in the Fall and Spring semesters, classes meet once a month on Friday evenings and Saturdays, during the day. In the summer, courses meet on Fridays and Saturdays, but only for three weekends during the first (June) or second (July) summer sessions. The program meets the requirements for both building-level and district-level certification requirements in Missouri, as well as many other states.  Certification may require additional or particular course choices. Check with your advisor.

The EdSp requires a student to select one of four emphasis areas. While the general degree requirements are listed below, students should refer to the emphasis area pages for detailed information on degree requirements.

Degree Requirements

The EdSp degree is a 30-hour or more program of study, which includes the following required courses.

ED_LPA 8417Site-Level Organization and Leadership3
ED_LPA 8419Superintendent: Structures and Processes for Effective Schools3
ED_LPA 8423Advanced Leadership for Learning Environments3
ED_LPA 8424Education Politics and Policymaking3
ED_LPA 8431Leadership for Data-Driven Change (this course may be waived if student had similar course in Master's program)3
ED_LPA 9420Superintendent: Fiscal Leadership and Management3
ED_LPA 9424Superintendent: Instructional Leadership3
ED_LPA 9429Superintendent: Communication, Team Leadership3
ED_LPA 9435Superintendent: Legal Leadership and Management3
ED_LPA 9461Ethics in Education3

Internship Requirement

Two internships are offered as part of the EdSp program:

ED_LPA 9481Internship in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (Principal Internship)3
ED_LPA 9481Internship in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (Central Office/Superintendent Internship)3

Internship hours will vary depending upon how many certifications the student desires. Students may take more than six hours of electives if the student does not need the internship credit associated with a particular certification (building or district level). If a student already has, or does not desire to have, any type of certification, then internship courses are not required.

Contact Information

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