MA in Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology with Emphasis in Counseling Psychology

Degree Requirements

The MU Masters program in Counseling Psychology provides students training and education in the scientist-practitioner philosophy that is consistent with most Counseling Psychology Ph.D. programs, including the one at MU. Students will complete core coursework in counseling psychology and receive clinical training in the form of practicum experience and research training through faculty labs, research teams, and other research projects. They will also be required to complete an independent research manuscript during their second year in the program. This program has more of a research focus than most counseling masters programs. The program is not designed for students interested exclusively in practicing at the masters level, and students who graduate from this program will not yet be license-eligible for a LPC in the state of Missouri (this would require additional coursework and training).

The Helping Relationship3
Counseling Methods and Practices
Social and Cultural Foundations3
Multicultural Issues in Counseling
Counseling Theory3
Theories and Techniques of Counseling
Lifespan Development
Career Development3
Foundations of Career Psychology
Professional Orientation3
Ethical and Legal Issues in Psychological Practice
Group Dynamics3
Methods in Group Counseling
Foundations of Educational and Psychological Measurement
Interviewing, Diagnosis, and Assessment
Introduction to Applied Statistics
Research Methods9
Overview of Research Methods
Qualitative Methods in Educational Research I
Qualitative Methods in Educational Research II
ESC_PS 8850
Quantitative Foundations in Educational Research
Independent Research3
Research in Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology
Counseling Psychology Practicum ((Practicum I and II))

Sample Plan of Study

First Year
ESC_PS 71203ESC_PS 80403ESC_PS 81103
ESC_PS 81353ESC_PS 80203 
ESC_PS 80823ESC_PS 80703 
ESC_PS 86403ESC_PS 88503 
 12 12 3
Second Year
ESC_PS 80903ESC_PS 80603 
ED_LPA 89573ESC_PS 80903 
ESC_PS 89403ESC_PS 89406 
ESC_PS 90004  
 13 12  
Total Credits: 52

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Thesis/Non-Thesis Requirements

The thesis/research manuscript is a project that the student completes with his or her advisor and receives advisor approval. This project will serve as the student’s comprehensive examination. Two additional committee members will be required to approve the project. The project can be either a comprehensive literature review (i.e., modeled after a review article one would see in a scholarly journal) or an independent research study written in manuscript form (i.e., introduction, method, results, discussion) or traditional thesis format. The topic of the project should be selected by the beginning of the student’s second year in the program. The project is to be completed by the deadline date for comprehensive examinations, dissertations, and thesis in April of the student’s second year.


Applicants are required to meet two sets of minimum qualifications for admission: the requirements of the MA in Educational and Counseling Psychology program and the minimum requirements of the Graduate School. Because requirements vary, you must refer to a degree program's graduate admission page to learn about specific admission criteria, application deadlines, eligibility and application process. Your application materials will be reviewed by both the Graduate School and the degree program to which you've applied before official admission to the University of Missouri.

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