Minor in Human Development and Family Science


To earn a minor in HDFS, an undergraduate student must successfully complete 15-16 credit hours of coursework, as indicated in the two groups listed below. Students must earn a grade of C- or better in each course used to satisfy the minor requirements, and a minimum 2.00 GPA overall for the HDFS minor courses taken. Satisfactory/unsatisfactory (pass/fail) graded courses will not be accepted for the purpose of meeting minor requirements.

A total of 6 hours of transfer credit from other colleges or universities outside of the University of Missouri – Columbia will be accepted for the minor in HDFS, provided the transfer courses are a direct equivalent to MU HDFS courses.

A minor must be completed and awarded at the same time as the MU undergraduate degree (i.e., minors cannot be claimed after graduation). Once an HDFS minor is awarded, a student cannot return to MU to complete a second undergraduate major in HDFS.

Students cannot earn a major and a minor in HDFS.

Required Courses9-10
H_D_FS 1600Foundations of Family Science3
H_D_FS 2300Multicultural Study of Children and Families3
H_D_FS 2400Principles of Human Development 13-4
or H_D_FS 2400H Principles of Human Development - Honors
or H_D_FS 2400HW Principles of Human Development - Honors/Writing Intensive
or H_D_FS 2400W Principles of Human Development - Writing Intensive
HDFS Minor Elective Courses6
Choose any 2 courses from the list below. At least 1 course must be at a 3000 or 4000 level.
H_D_FS 1234Successful Adulting3
H_D_FS 1610Intimate Relationships and Marriage3
H_D_FS 2450Human Sexuality Across the Life Span3
H_D_FS 3050Child Development: Infancy and Toddlerhood3
H_D_FS 3150Child Development: Preschool to Pre-Adolescence3
H_D_FS 3150WChild Development: Preschool to Pre-Adolescence - Writing Intensive3
H_D_FS 3430Adolescence and Young Adulthood3
H_D_FS 3440Adulthood and Aging3
H_D_FS 3600Partnering with Parents and Families3
H_D_FS 4200Latino/a Children, Youth, and Families3
H_D_FS 4300Black Children, Youth, and Families3
H_D_FS 4610Stress and Resilience in Families3
H_D_FS 4620Family Interaction3
H_D_FS 4640Interpersonal Relationships3
H_D_FS 4700Children and Families in Poverty3
H_D_FS 4720Child and Family Advocacy3

H_D_FS 2400W is a 4 credit writing intensive course. Students may elect to take either H_D_FS 2400 (3 credits), or H_D_FS 2400W (4 credits) to satisfy this requirement for the Minor in HDFS.

Some courses on this list may require successful completion of specific prerequisite courses and/or instructor consent. Please see the Enrollment Information and Course Description in myZou for more information.  Questions and enrollment permission requests should be directed to the HDFS Minor Advisor.

Application for Minor

Undergraduate students interested in obtaining a minor in HDFS should contact the Human Development and Family Science Office for a minor application form.

Students must meet the minor requirements in place at the time of application, thus the application should be submitted when they begin taking courses for the minor in HDFS, and before all of the required courses are complete.

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