EdSp in Learning Technologies and Design with Emphasis in Online Education

The Educational Specialist degree at MU is your portal to excellence and leadership in designing, developing, and implementing technology in education, training and performance support. In the Online Education emphasis area you will develop the knowledge and skills in eLearning offerings. You will prepare for jobs in an expanding field where online education is used in schools, universities, industry, health care, museums, and other learning settings. Your work will culminate in an authentic capstone project that documents your learning and accomplishments.

Working with a faculty advisor, each student develops a customized program of study. You pick the professional goal that makes sense to you, and our faculty will help you transform your goal into reality.

Your degree in Online Education will open an array of career options. Some graduates work in K-12 schools, others work in corporations, and still others apply their skills in government, healthcare, higher education, and other settings. For example, some of our recent graduates are Software Designers and Developers, Learning Strategy Managers, Adaptive Technology Specialists, Training Designers, School Technology Coordinators, and Online Instructors. Whatever the setting, you will graduate with a skill set that will serve you well in the future.

Degree Requirements

The Educational Specialist degree is a 30-hour program of specialization built upon the master’s degree. The degree requirements are listed below. Note that at least 15 credit hours in the student's program must be at the 8000/9000 level. 

IS_LT 7361Introduction to Digital Media3
IS_LT 9484Teaching Online Courses3
IS_LT 9485Designing Online Learning3
IS_LT 9471Instructional Systems Design3
IS_LT 7374Exploring Canvas1
IS_LT 9483Capstone: Online Education Emphasis Area1
IS_LT 9450Research Methods in Information Science and Learning Technologies3

Approved Electives (13 cr. hr.)

Refer to the SISLT website or check with your advisor for approved electives.

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Capstone Project

What is a Capstone?

Every Master’s and Educational Specialist degree student in the Online Education emphasis area must enroll in the one credit hour “IS_LT 9483: Capstone: Online Education.” The Capstone is designed as the means for you to synthesize your learning and demonstrate mastery of the competencies for the selected focus area.

While each Capstone project will be unique, all share the following elements:

  • Design and development of an online course 
  • Evaluation of the course by two external reviewers
  • Report: Evaluation results; your reflection and critique

How is the Capstone Project Created?

After enrolling in “9483: Capstone: Online Education” immediately notify your advisor. Most students will require that a course be set up on a learning management system such as CourseSites or Canvas. After creating your online course, you are responsible for finding two reviewers who will provide feedback that you should use to improve your course before submitting for faculty review.

How is the Capstone Evaluated?

Three SISLT faculty members evaluate a student’s Capstone project. The review process asks two basic questions:

  • Has the student fulfilled the requirements of the Capstone course?
  • Has the student demonstrated adequate mastery of the competencies?

Faculty reviewers do not consider your evaluators’ data, only the online course and your report. Additionally, consideration is given to the entry knowledge and skills of the student and the student’s professional goals. If a Capstone Project is found to be lacking, the student is given the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments (e.g., make improvements to the online course, enhance the instructional products or innovations).


Email: sislt@missouri.edu
SISLT Student Services Coordinator
304 Townsend Hall
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: 573-882-4546 or toll free 877-747-5868

Applicants are required to meet two sets of minimum qualifications for admission: the requirements of the EdSp in Learning Technologies and Design program and the minimum requirements of the Graduate School. Because requirements vary, you must refer to a degree program's graduate admission page to learn about specific admission criteria, application deadlines, eligibility and application process. Your application materials will be reviewed by both the Graduate School and the degree program to which you’ve applied before official admission to the University of Missouri.

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