MLIS in Library and Information Science with Emphasis in Youth Services

Degree Requirements

The MLIS program consists of 39 credit hours, 18 credits of required courses. Each student completes a practicum (two to three credits).
Elective courses are selected in consultation with faculty advisers, and specifically must include 15 credit hours of 9000-level courses, and 12 hours of courses taught by a full-time faculty member.

Required Courses
IS_LT 7301Library and Information Technology3
or IS_LT 7320 Emerging Technologies in Libraries
IS_LT 7305Foundations of Library and Information Science3
IS_LT 7312Principles of Cataloging and Classification3
or IS_LT 7302 Organization of Information
IS_LT 7313Collection and Access Management3
IS_LT 7314Reference Sources and Services3
IS_LT 7315Management of Information Agencies3
Required Youth Services Courses
IS_LT 9431Children's Library Materials3
or IS_LT 9434 Teen Library Materials
IS_LT 9433Youth Services in Libraries3
Youth Services Electives (must take 6 credits)
IS_LT 9403Gender Construction in Children's/Adolescent Literature and Media3
IS_LT 9405Sociocultural Aspects of Literacy3
or IS_LT 9403 Gender Construction in Children's/Adolescent Literature and Media
IS_LT 9407Intellectual Freedom and Its Discontents3
IS_LT 9444The Public Library3
IS_LT 9410Seminar in Information Science and Learning Technology1-3
Capstone: Portfolio Development
Required for all LIS students.