Certificate in Biomaterials Engineering

The Certificate in Biomaterials Engineering will prepare engineering students to work in biomaterials related jobs and disciplines. Students will be provided the opportunity to pursue educational objectives beyond those normally associated with their academic major in engineering. Certificate holders will be trained in various skills in order to design, synthesize, process, characterize, analyze, deploy, and select materials for bio-engineering applications ranging from tissue engineering to implantable devices to prosthetic devices. 


The 12 credit hour Certificate in Biomaterials Engineering will be offered as a stand-alone certificate.  Many of the courses offered for the certificate program can be counted towards engineering technical elective requirements for graduation within the students major.

Required Courses
BIOL_EN 3075Introduction to Materials Engineering3
or BME 3075 Introduction to Materials Engineering
BIOL_EN 3170Biomaterials3
or BME 3170 Biomaterials
BIOL_EN 4480Physics and Chemistry of Materials3
or BME 4480 Physics and Chemistry of Materials
Elective Courses
BIOL_EN 4170Biomaterials Interfaces of Implantable Devices3
or BME 4170 Biomaterials Interfaces of Implantable Devices
BIOL_EN 4231Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing3
BIOL_EN 4360Biomanufacturing Technologies3
or BME 4360 Biomanufacturing Technologies
BIOL_EN 4370Orthopaedic Biomechanics3
or BME 4370 Orthopaedic Biomechanics


Charles Darr, Director of Undergraduate Studies
W2029 Lafferre Hall
Department of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering (ChBME)
(573) 882-7044