Certificate in Cyber Security

The Certificate in Cyber Security is an stand-alone online certificate program withing the College of Engineering's Department of Engineering and Information Technology. Students will have the flexibility to focus on the technical aspects of computer, software, network, and information security at different levels. They will achieve a foundation in information security, such as, securing and defending networks, recovering from security failures, use cases of computer forensics, and overall data security management. This certificate can be achieved independently, or as supplemental to a bachelors degree. Similarly, this can be achieved by students who are enrolled in-seat, or in the online program.


A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for admission.  Prior background in information security is not required.

Core Courses12
INFOTC 1040Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming3
INFOTC 2810Fundamentals of Network Technology3
INFOTC 2910Cyber Security3
INFOTC 3910Advanced Cyber Security3
Elective Courses3
INFOTC 3530UNIX Operating System3
INFOTC 3810Computer Network Security3
INFOTC 3850Computer System Administration3
INFOTC 4910Digital Forensics3