Graduate Certificate in AI and Machine Learning

The recent advancement in AI and Machine Learning has made significant impact in a wide range of research fields and industries. The purpose of the graduate certificate is to prepare students and professionals to understand the foundation and advanced skills in AI and machine learning and to handle the growing demands in applying cutting-edge AI techniques.


The 15 credit hours Graduate Certificate will be offered as a stand-alone certificate.  Students will need to have a 3.00 GPA to complete the program. 

Required (6 credit hours)
CMP_SC 7720Introduction to Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition3
or ECE 7720 Introduction to Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
CMP_SC 8725Supervised Learning3
or ECE 8725 Supervised Learning
Electives (select three courses from the following)
Foundations of AI
CMP_SC 7750Artificial Intelligence I3
CMP_SC 7770Introduction to Computational Intelligence3
or ECE 7870 Introduction to Computational Intelligence
CMP_SC 8370Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery3
CMP_SC 8750Artificial Intelligence II3
CMP_SC 8780Advanced Topics in Computational Intelligence3
or ECE 8875 Advanced Topics in Computational Intelligence
Machine Learning
CMP_SC 8180Machine Learning Methods for Biomedical Informatics3
CMP_SC 8735Unsupervised Learning3
or ECE 8735 Unsupervised Learning
CMP_SC 8770Neural Networks3
or ECE 8890 Neural Networks
ECE 7320Architectural Robotics4
CMP_SC 7730Building Intelligent Robots4
or ECE 7340 Building Intelligent Robots
Computer Vision
CMP_SC 7650Digital Image Processing3
or ECE 7655 Digital Image Processing
CMP_SC 8690Computer Vision3
Natural Language Processing
CMP_SC 7740Interdisciplinary Introduction to Natural Language Processing3
CMP_SC 8740Advanced Natural Language Processing3