Graduate Certificate in Construction Management

The Graduate Certificate in Construction Management prepares students and professionals to succeed in the construction industry.  The construction industry builds the basic infrastructure necessary to sustain modern cities and communities.  The successful delivery of such infrastructure requires skillful project managers to navigate the various steps of the project delivery process.  Certificate holders will acquire experience in various aspects of construction management such as planning, environmental compliance, design, right-of-way acquisition, estimation, resource management, financing and scheduling. 


The 12-credit hour Graduate Certificate in Construction Management is offered as part of a graduate program or as a stand-alone certificate.  CV_ENG 7500, Introduction to Construction Management, is required.  The following is a partial list of course offerings which can be used to complete the certificate program.  Other classes could also be used as part of the certificate upon approval.   

ARCHST 7323Sustainable Technologies and Systems3
ARCHST 7325Energy-Efficient Building Design3
ACCTCY 8310Accounting for Managers 23
CV_ENG 7106Intelligent Transportation Systems3
CV_ENG 7120Airport Engineering3
CV_ENG 7125Transportation Legal Issues 33
CV_ENG 7130Transportation Safety3
CV_ENG 7145Civil and Environmental Engineering Legal Issues 33
CV_ENG 7500Introduction to Construction Management 13
CV_ENG 8150Transportation Networks3
CV_ENG 8107Transportation Safety Modeling3
FINANC 8110Managerial Finance I 21-3
FINANC 8220Economics for Managers1-3
MANGMT 8390Organizational Behavior and Management: Dyadic, Group and Organizational Processes1.5
MANGMT 8510Project Management1-3
MANGMT 8960Introduction to Strategic Management1.5