Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics Engineering

Data science is an interdisciplinary area of scientific processes, methods, systems, and algorithms to obtain knowledge or insights from data. Data engineers design, manage, and optimize the flow of data within an organization. The Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics Engineering will prepare students and professionals to understand the fundamentals and advanced skills in data analytics engineering. It enables the graduating students to address the growing need for data engineering and data science professionals who are trained in advanced data analytics and can collect, process, and transform large streams of data into understandable and actionable information for the purpose of making decisions.


The certificate is a 12 credit hour program. 

Required Courses
CMP_SC 7380Database Management Systems I3
CMP_SC 8370Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery3
Electives (select two courses)
CMP_SC 7350Big Data Analytics3
CMP_SC 7530Cloud Computing3
CMP_SC 7650Digital Image Processing3
or ECE 7655 Digital Image Processing
CMP_SC 7720Introduction to Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition3
or ECE 7720 Introduction to Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
CMP_SC 8530Cloud Computing II3
CMP_SC 8630Data Visualization3
CMP_SC 8650Advanced Image Processing3
CMP_SC 8690Computer Vision3
CMP_SC 8725Supervised Learning3
or ECE 8725 Supervised Learning
CMP_SC 8735Unsupervised Learning3
or ECE 8735 Unsupervised Learning
CMP_SC 8740Advanced Natural Language Processing3
CMP_SC 8790Filtering, Tracking and Data Fusion3
ECE 8810Advanced Digital Signal Processing3
CMP_SC 8870Modeling and Management of Uncertainty3
CMP_SC 8860Parallel and Distributed Processing3
ECE 8860Probability and Stochastic Processes for Engineers3