Minor in Agricultural Engineering

The undergraduate minor in Agricultural Engineering provides a foundation in agriculture for students who are pursuing a BS in Engineering degree program. The minor includes courses in three engineering application areas in agriculture: Machinery/Power, Soil and Water, and Processing. The minor will serve to prepare students for careers in agriculture, which is the number one industry in Missouri.


Students who are majoring in a BS in Engineering degree program are eligible for the undergraduate minor in Agricultural Engineering.  The minor requires a total of 18 credit hours, (6 courses), selected from the list below.  Students are required to take at least one course from at least three of the areas identified within the eight American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) Communities. 

Ag Engineering Emphasis: Machinery/Power
AG_S_TCH 4320Agricultural Equipment and Machinery4
AG_S_TCH 4140Electricity: Wiring and Equipment3
AG_S_TCH 4365Machinery Management Using Precision Agriculture Technology3
MAE 4710Hydraulic Control Systems3
BIOL_EN 4150Soil and Water Conservation Engineering3
ECE 2100Circuit Theory I4
or ENGINR 2100 Circuit Theory for Engineers
Ag Engineering Emphasis: Soil & Water
BIOL_EN 4150Soil and Water Conservation Engineering3
BIOL_EN 4250Irrigation and Drainage Engineering3
BIOL_EN 4350Watershed Modeling Using GIS3
AG_S_TCH 4460Irrigation and Drainage3
Ag Enginering Emphasis: Processing
AG_S_TCH 4140Electricity: Wiring and Equipment3
AG_S_TCH 4220Material Handling and Conditioning3
BIOL_EN 3180Heat and Mass Transfer in Biological Systems3
BIOL_EN 4316Biomass Refinery Operations3
BIOL_EN 4380Applied Electronic Instrumentation4
MAE 4270Nondestructive Evaluation of Materials3