Minor in Construction Management

The Minor in Construction Management requires a minimum of 15 credits of course work, consisting of a minimum of six credit hours of core courses and a minimum of nine credit hours from the list of approved emphasis area courses. 


Required Core Courses
CV_ENG 4145Civil and Environmental Engineering Legal Issues *3
* CV_ENG 4125 can also be used, but only one of the two courses can be taken to satifsy the 15 credit hours rerquirement.
CV_ENG 4500Introduction to Construction Management3
Approved Emphasis Area Courses (select minimum of 9 credit hours)
ARCHST 2310Building Systems3
ARCHST 2323Sustainable Building Design Fundamentals3
ARCHST 4320Materials, Methods and Products3
ARCHST 4323Sustainable Technologies and Systems3
ARCHST 4333Compliance and Specifications3
ARCHST 4815Construction Documents and Building Information Modeling Studio4
CV_ENG 3313Structural Steel Design3
CV_ENG 3312Reinforced Concrete Design3
CV_ENG 4104Pavement Materials and Design3
CV_ENG 4105Asphalt Materials and Mixture Design3
CV_ENG 4120Airport Engineering3
CV_ENG 4125Transportation Legal Issues3
CV_ENG 4130Transportation Safety3
CV_ENG 4145Civil and Environmental Engineering Legal Issues3
CV_ENG 4155Transportation Geography3
CV_ENG 4185Location Analysis/Site Selection3
CV_ENG 4190Infrastructure Project Development3
CV_ENG 4250Environmental Regulatory Compliance3
CV_ENG 4286Environmental Sustainability3
CV_ENG 4300Advanced Structural Steel Design3
CV_ENG 4302Prestressed/Advanced Reinforced Concrete3
CV_ENG 4360Bridge Engineering3
CV_ENG 4404Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering3
CV_ENG 4410Foundation Engineering3
CV_ENG 4412Applied Geotechnical Engineering3
CV_ENG 4520Construction Contracting3
Up to two courses can be selected from the list below, but it is not required.
ACCTCY 2026Accounting I3
ECONOM 1014Principles of Microeconomics3
ECONOM 1015Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECONOM 3229Money, Banking and Financial Markets3
ECONOM 4351Intermediate Microeconomics3
ECONOM 4355Industrial Organization and Competitive Strategy3
FINANC 1000Principles of Finance3
FINANC 3000Corporate Finance3
FINANC 4010Financial Management3
FINANC 4500Principles of Real Estate3
FINANC 4630Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance3
MANGMT 3000Principles of Management3
MANGMT 4030Organizational Behavior3
MANGMT 4060Project Management Fundamentals3
MANGMT 4350Leadership Development3
MANGMT 4970Strategic Management3
LAW 1100Cases and Controversies in American Law3

Dr. Carlos Sun
Minor Coordinator
E2505 Lafferre Hall