Minor in Nuclear Engineering

The Minor in Nuclear Engineering is one of three minors offered within the Nuclear Engineering academic curriculum to provide students the opportunity to obtain education and training in nuclear sciences. It is designed for students from Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics or related disciplines who are interested in nuclear power.


The minor requires a minimum of 15 credits of course work.  As background preparation, the minor requires math through differential equations and two semesters of calculus-based physics.

Required courses:
ENGINR 2300Engineering Thermodynamics3
or MAE 2300 Thermodynamics
or CH_ENG 3261 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I
MAE 4371 Energy Systems and Resources3
ECE 4030Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Engineering3
CHEM 4600Introduction to Radiochemistry with Lab3
Select one additional course from the list below:
RA_SCI 4303Radiation Safety3
PEA_ST 4330Science and Technology of Terrorism and Counterterrorism3
ECE 4550Introduction to Plasmas3
MAE 4660Vibration Analysis3
or CV_ENG 4660 Vibration Analysis
CH_ENG 2303Harnessing the Atom in Everyday Life: Fulfill M Curie's Dream 3