Minor in Social Justice

The social justice minor is designed to give non-social work majors the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding about social justice in the person-environment context. Social justice involves the idea that in a perfect world all citizens would have identical social benefits, protections and opportunities regardless of their backgrounds and membership in diverse groups. Recognizing that the world is not perfect, the primary goals for the minor in social justice are to enhance sensitivity to vulnerable and at-risk populations, to provide opportunity for critical review of social policies and the allocation of societal resources and to stimulate interest in advocacy and the planned change process.

In accordance with RSMO 337.600 regarding title protection, students who complete the Social Justice minor are not considered professional social workers and may not refer to themselves as BSW level social workers upon graduation.


A minimum of 15 hours, comprised of the courses below, is required to complete the Social Justice minor. Students must have a 2.0 minimum GPA to apply for and earn the minor. Note that students must earn a grade of C- or higher in all courses and a maximum of 6 credit hours from transfer institutions may be applied toward the Social Justice minor.

Minor core requirements9
SOC_WK 1115Social Welfare and Social Work3
SOC_WK 2000WExploration in Social and Economic Justice - Writing Intensive3
or SOC_WK 2000 Exploration in Social and Economic Justice
SOC_WK 2220WHuman Behavior in the Social Environment - Writing Intensive3
or SOC_WK 2220 Human Behavior in the Social Environment
Social Work electives6
Select two of the following:
SOC_WK 4101Topics in Social Work1-6
SOC_WK 4330Addiction Treatment and Prevention3
SOC_WK 4370Delinquency, Corrections and Social Treatment3
SOC_WK 4390Helping Strategies With Children and Adolescents3
SOC_WK 4395Death, Grief and Loss3
SOC_WK 4400Domestic Violence3
SOC_WK 4410Social Welfare and the Law3
SOC_WK 4450Professional Perspectives on Child Welfare Services in the 21st Century3
SOC_WK 4480Direct Practice with Older Adults3