Minor in Health Science

The Minor in Health Science is a flexible, non-clinical program designed to provide students not majoring in Health Science with a broad overview of health care, preparing them for graduate school in health care or non-clinical health careers. This minor allows students to apply up-to-date theoretical and pragmatic knowledge to the field of health care. Using a holistic and flexible approach, the Minor in Health Sciences prepares graduates to speak the language of clinicians, understand the work environment of health and human service facilities, and hold critical business acumen to contribute to diverse organizations around the world.


The minor requires a minimum of 15 hours (9 credit hours from required courses and 6 credit hours from the elective list. All courses must be completed with a grade of C- or higher to qualify for Health Sciences Minor. 

Required Courses
HLTH_SCI 1000Introduction to the Health Professions3
or HLTH_SCI 1000H Introduction to the Health Professions - Honors
HLTH_SCI 2400Contemporary Health Issues3
or HLTH_SCI 2400H Contemporary Health Issues - Honors
or HLTH_SCI 2400W Contemporary Health Issues - Writing Intensive
HLTH_SCI 3700Health Care in the United States3
or HLTH_SCI 3700H Health Care in the United States - Honors
Elective Courses
HLTH_SCI 2850Inclusion and Equity in Health Care3
HLTH_SCI 2900Health Care In Missouri3
or HLTH_SCI 2900H Health Care In Missouri - Honors
HLTH_SCI 3500Mental Health3
HLTH_SCI 3600Health Promotion Programs I: Assessment and Planning3
HLTH_SCI 3610Health Promotion Programs II: Implementation, Evaluation, and Communication 3
HLTH_SCI 3800Holistic Health Systems for the Health Professions3
HLTH_SCI 4002Health Sciences Study Abroad - not for capstone1-6
HLTH_SCI 4420Health Literacy, Decision Making and Behavior Changes3
HLTH_SCI 4430Health Care Across the Lifespan3
HLTH_SCI 4520Health Care Project Management3
HLTH_SCI 4450Health and Community Development 3