MS in Biomedical Sciences with Emphasis in Veterinary Sciences

Degree Requirements

Required Course
STAT 7020Statistical Methods in the Health Sciences3
Elective Courses
V_PBIO 7110Veterinary Cytology2
V_PBIO 7120Principles of Toxicology3
V_PBIO 7210Animal Issues in Disasters1
V_M_S 7320Fundamentals of Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care3
V_BSCI 7333Veterinary Cell Biology4
V_M_S 7510Equine Clinical Anatomy: Forelimbs1
V_M_S 8023Internal Medicine Journal Review1
V_M_S 8029Emergency and Critical Care Journal Review1
V_M_S 8040Advanced Small Animal Clinical Nutrition2
V_M_S 8090Research in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (Thesis)1-99
BIOMED 8100Veterinary Online Course Development and Teaching3
BIOMED 8310Advanced Topics in Stress Physiology3
V_M_S 8485Problems in Veterinary Clinical Sciences1-3
BIOMED 8700Principles of Veterinary Pain Management2
BIOMED 8710Essentials of Radiation Biology2
BIOMED 8900Small Animal Wound Management and Reconstructive Surgery2

Advising and Support Services:

Director: Laurie LM. Wallace, DVM, MVSc, DACVIM, Associate Teaching Professor

Director Emeritus and Advisor: C.B. Chastain, DVM, MS, DACVIM, Professor
Administrative Assistant: June Kelly, Administrative Associate I

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