Minor in Microbiology

The Minor in Microbiology, through the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology in the College of Veterinary Medicine, will be of interest to students majoring in fields related to microbiology, such as biological sciences, food science, and biochemistry. Students pursuing admittance to professional programs, such as medical, dental, and veterinary schools, may also find this minor to be relevant. 


To complete the minor, students must successfully complete 15 credit hours from the courses listed below. A minimum grade of C- and an overall GPA of 2.0 for all minor coursework indicates successful completion. At least nine hours of coursework for the minor must be completed at MU.

Students will need to take BIO_SC 1500 prior to enrolling in any of the courses listed for the minor. Students who opt to take BIO_SC 3750 and BIO_SC 3760 in place of V_PBIO 2001 will be required to take BIO_SC 2200 and BIO_SC 2300 as prerequisites. 

Interested students should complete the online form at https://musis2.missouri.edu/Minor_Declare/request.cfm. Questions about the program should be sent to: microbiology@missouri.edu

Required Microbiology Courses8
V_PBIO 2001Fundamentals of Microbiology5
or BIO_SC 3750
BIO_SC 3760
General Microbiology
and Microbiology Laboratory
V_PBIO 3551Introduction to Immunology I3
Choose from the following course list:7
MICROB 3200Medical Microbiology and Immunology4
or MICROB 2800 Microbiology for Nursing and Health Professions
V_PBIO 3345Fundamentals of Parasitology3
V_PBIO 3554Introduction to Virology3
V_PBIO 3557Microbial Pathogenesis I3
V_PBIO 3560Microbial Physiology3
V_PBIO 3600Bacterial Genetics and Genomics3
V_PBIO 3650Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology3
V_PBIO 3658Public Health Microbiology3
V_PBIO 3700Medical and Veterinary Entomology3
ENV_SC 4312Environmental Soil Microbiology3
F_S 4370Food Microbiology3
F_S 4375Food Microbiology Laboratory2
P_HLTH 3450Introduction to Epidemiology 3
or P_HLTH 3760 Infectious Disease and Public Health Approaches
PLNT_SCI 4500Biology and Pathogenesis of Plant-Associated Microbes4