Anesthesiology (ANESTH)

ANESTH 6057: Springfield Anesthesiology 4Wk

The fourth-year anesthesia medical student will work as part of a team providing hands-on clinical services in an inpatient, outpatient, and consultative setting. Students will participate in daily morning conferences and mini- didactic sessions.

Credit Hours: 5
Prerequisites: Successful completion of 5 of 7 core clerkships, including Surgery clerkship

ANESTH 6203: ABS Anesthesiology Research

ABS Anesthesiology Research

Credit Hour: 5-10

ANESTH 6205: ABS Anesthesiology Research and Review

ABS Anesthesiology Research and Review

Credit Hour: 5-10

ANESTH 6400: Anesthesiology

Goals/Objectives: The goals are providing students with opportunities to: 1. Understand the anesthetic state (e.g. the inability of a person to protect themselves from the environment; concomitant and common depression of other systems of the body other than the nervous system). 2. Learn how to think and react quickly and correctly in times of stress. 3. Develop knowledge and skill at maintaining artificial ventilation and circulation. 4. Develop technical skills (e.g. insertion of endotracheal tubes, intravenous catheters). 5. Understand the rationale behind the choice of an anesthetic agent or technique. 6. Learn the function of an anesthesiologist as a perioperative physician and pain consultant. 7. Learn about the specialty of anesthesiology as a possible future career. Notes: Curriculum: Direct participation in anesthetic evaluation and administration for surgical procedures is combined with close individual supervision. Attendance at weekly teaching conferences is expected. Each student will follow a patient pre, intra, and post operatively and write a case presentation. Interblock: First consideration given to students interested in anesthesia as a career choice; honors considered only with documentation of participation and completion of a research project related to anesthesia. Evaluations: Evaluations are compiled from daily encounter cards completed by anesthesia providers, a written paper that discusses one patient's anesthetic, and a 50 question written examination at the end of the rotation.

Credit Hours: 5

ANESTH 6927: Anesthesiology Two-Week

Through daily participation, students will gain insight into the specialty of anesthesiology and will develop an appreciation for the integration of basic science knowledge (especially anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology) in the clinical care of patients.

Credit Hours: 2
Prerequisites: successful completion of the first two years of medical school