Laboratory Animal Medicine (LAB_AN)

LAB_AN 8090: Research in Laboratory Animal Medicine

Research expected to terminate in a thesis. Graded on a S/U basis only.

Credit Hour: 1-99

LAB_AN 9087: Seminar in Laboratory Animal Medicine

Theme-oriented seminars and discussions in the field of laboratory animal medicine, comparative medicine or related areas. Graded on S/U basis only.

Credit Hour: 1
Prerequisites: departmental consent

LAB_AN 9437: Pathology of Laboratory Animals

Pathogenesis, pathology and diagnosis of naturally occurring diseases in animals used in research.

Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisites: departmental consent

LAB_AN 9468: Laboratory Animal Biology

Anatomy, taxonomy, reproduction, genetics, nutrition, and behavior of common laboratory animals. Emphasis is placed on mice and rats, including genetically-engineered models with comparative discussions on other laboratory animals. Prerequisites: departmental consent

Credit Hours: 4

LAB_AN 9469: Laboratory Animal Resource Management

Policies, standards and regulations in the care and use of laboratory animals, including colony management, animal procurement, cost accounting, facility design, and supervisory skills.

Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisites: departmental consent

LAB_AN 9476: Grant and Manuscript Writing for Biomedical Researchers

Topics include experimental design applied biostatics and writing effective grant proposals and scientific manuscripts. Methods include lecture, discussion and assignments including an individual grant proposal which will be reviewed by a mock study section.

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: LAB_AN 9475; instructor's consent

LAB_AN 9477: Laboratory and Project Management

This course will provide graduates with professional development skills and career guidance including instruction in laboratory and project management. Topics will include job searching, start-up considerations, equipping a lab, personnel management and budget management. Graded on S/U basis only.

Credit Hour: 1
Prerequisites: enrollment in Comparative Medicine Area Program or approval of course coordinator