Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM_REH)

PM_REH 6615: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Credit Hours: 5

PM_REH 6915: Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal and Neurologic Diseases

The rotating student will be an integral part of the inpatient team, serving in an active role on the floor and participating in the evaluation and treatment of clinic patients. Daily morning rounds will be completed with the inpatient teams and will be followed by scheduled didactic sessions with various faculty throughout the week. Outpatient rotations will be included as a fundamental clinical experience and will encompass the breadth of PM&R to the best that can be accomplished in this short block. In-depth examinations of the neurologic and musculoskeletal systems will be performed.

Credit Hours: 2
Prerequisites: Successful completion of the first two years of medical school