Graduate Minor in College Teaching

Approximately 75 percent of faculty positions in the United States are at institutions where the importance of teaching and professional service is equal to or greater than the emphasis on research. The Minor in College Teaching, available to all MU graduate degree-seeking students, demonstrates your preparation as an effective teacher to potential employers.


The Minor in College Teaching (MICT) requires 9 credit hours. This includes a 3-hour core course, a teaching practicum, plus 3-6 elective hours.  It is highly recommended that students enroll in ED_LPA 9456, but it is not a requirement.

Core Required Courses - students must complete one of the following:
ED_LPA 9448College Teaching3
AG_ED_LD 8350College Teaching of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources3
BIO_SC 8724College Science Teaching3
LTC 8724College Science Teaching3

Teaching Practicum
Students must complete a teaching practicum and portfolio,  but do not have to officially register for a course in order to complete the requirement.  Students opting to enroll in a course can choose from the options below.

Teaching Practicum - options for enrollment
AG_ED_LD 8995College Teaching Practicum3
ED_LPA 9481Internship in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis1-99
H_D_FS 9100Teaching Practicum2-6
NURSE 8950Teaching Nursing Practicum4
PHIL 8210Teaching of Philosophy I1
SPC_ED 9940Internship: College Teaching in Special Education3
PSYCH 9910Teaching of Psychology Practicum1-99
Elective Courses3-6
Teaching with Technology Elective Courses
IS_LT 9467Technology to Enhance Learning3
IS_LT 9484Teaching Online Courses3
Disciplinary Teaching Elective Courses
AG_ED_LD 8330Advanced Methods of Teaching3
AG_ED_LD 8350College Teaching of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources3
AN_SCI 8725Science Outreach: Public Understanding of Science1-2
LTC 8712Inquiry and the Science Curriculum3
LTC 8900Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction1-3
AMS 7700Advanced Study in the Teaching of the Classics3
ESC_PS 7115Human Learning3
ESC_PS 8320Advanced Human Learning3
ESC_PS 8350Cognition, Learning and Instruction3
ED_LPA 9440Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in Higher Education3
ED_LPA 9442Curriculum Philosophy and Development in Higher Education3
ED_LPA 9447College Student Culture and Environment3
ED_LPA 9449History of Higher Education in the United States3
ED_LPA 9455The Community College3
ED_LPA 9456The Professoriate3
ED_LPA 9459Comparative and International Education3
IS_LT 9471Instructional Systems Design3
PHIL 8210Teaching of Philosophy I1
PHYSCS 8040Study of Techniques of Teaching College Physics1-3
PHYSCS 8350Science Outreach: Public Understanding of Science1-2
PSYCH 9150Human Learning and Memory3
FRENCH 7120Foreign Language Teaching Methodology3
or SPAN 7120 Foreign Language Teaching Methodology
SPC_ED 7375Cross Categorical Special Education3

Additional Information

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