Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media

The Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media prepares early to mid-career professionals in the journalism and strategic communication fields to work in the rapidly changing newsrooms, media organizations, corporate communications offices and non-profit organizations. The certificate prepares students in the use of interactive, digital and social media. It provides insights into how people perceive and process digital messages. Students will investigate the psychological, social, ethical and legal issues regarding the roles and effects of digital news, advertising and public relations on society. 

Objectives of certificate:

  • Understanding the rapidly changing technology and role of analytics in journalism and strategic communication
  • An understanding of the importance of audience engagement and development
  • The skills to create an interactive media plan in their given organizations


The certificate consists of 15 hours divided over three core courses and two electives.

Required Courses
JOURN 7262Digital Strategy I3
JOURN 7462Emerging Technologies in Journalism3
JOURN 7700Engaged Journalism3
JOURN 7252Branded Strategic Storytelling3
JOURN 7430Computer-Assisted Reporting3
JOURN 7510Visual Communications3
JOURN 7812Online Audience Development3
JOURN 7736Changing Media Business Models3


  • Completed baccalaureate or advanced degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • Minimum GPA of 3.00 on the last 60 credit hours of undergraduate education
  • Three letters of recommendation

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