Graduate Minor in Law and Conflict Resolution for Journalism Doctoral Students

This program is designed for doctoral students who are interested in teaching and researching in journalism and law and conflict resolution in a school of journalism or communication department.


Students may receive the Minor upon completion of at least 15 credits at the Law School, including both core courses and at least 9 credits of electives. The Minor will appear on the student’s transcript.

Required Core Courses
LAW 5450Conflict and Conflict Management3


Students may take any available course at the Law School in satisfying this requirement. Actual course offerings and availability varies by semester, and enrollment is subject to professor approval.  The following courses are ones that are expected to be generally available. They are grouped by tracks to help students more quickly identify areas of specific interest, and to develop deeper concentrations in desired areas. However, students may take any of the courses in meeting the elective requirement for the Minor.  Students should consult with a member of the School of Law faculty or administration about which Law School courses or sequences may be most appropriate to the student’s curricular needs.

General Electives
JOURN 7718Law and the Justice System3
JOURN 8046Controls of Information3
Electives - Track 1: Civil Rights and International Law
LAW 5220Constitutional Law *1-4
LAW 5240Criminal Procedure1-3
LAW 5350Arbitration *1-3
LAW 5410Children and the Law1-3
LAW 5415Constitutional and Civil Rights Litigation1-3
LAW 5435Comparative Law1-3
LAW 5525Education Law1-3
LAW 5530Elder Law *1-3
LAW 5540Employment Discrimination1-3
LAW 5575Family Law *1-3
LAW 5590Freedom of Speech and Association1-3
LAW 5595Gender, Race, Sexuality and the Law1-3
LAW 5660International Human Rights1-3
LAW 5665International Law1-3
LAW 5750 Local Government Law1-3
Electives - Track 2: Business Law
Those students who anticipate covering general business issues as working journalists, or who anticipate careers in media management and strategic communication should consider these courses. LAW 5395 is recommended and is often a prerequisite for other courses.
LAW 5340Antitrust Law1-3
LAW 5350Arbitration *1-3
LAW 5365Bankruptcy1-3
LAW 5375Basic Federal Income Taxation1-4
LAW 5395Business Organizations1-4
LAW 5455Copyright Law1-3
LAW 5677Internet Law and Practice1-3
LAW 5540Employment Discrimination1-3
LAW 5640Intellectual Property1-3
LAW 5695Labor Law1-3
LAW 5810Negotiation *1-3
LAW 5820Patent Law and Policy1-3
LAW 5890Securities Regulation1-3
LAW 5905Sports Law1-3
LAW 5920Trademark Law1-3
LAW 5940White Collar Crime1-3
Electives - Track 3: General Law
The following courses permit students a wide range of options for exposure to law, and also permit further emphasis in civil justice, criminal justice, environmental, health care and international law, depending upon student needs and preferences.
LAW 5010Civil Procedure I1-3
LAW 5015Civil Procedure II1-3
LAW 5220Constitutional Law *1-4
LAW 5240Criminal Procedure1-3
LAW 5260Evidence *1-4
LAW 5310Administrative Law1-3
LAW 5320Advanced Legal Research *1-2
LAW 5350Arbitration *1-3
LAW 5530Elder Law *1-3
LAW 5575Family Law *1-3
LAW 5615Health Law: The Regulation of Providers1-3
LAW 5700Land Use Controls1-3
LAW 5765Mediation *1-3
LAW 5810Negotiation *1-3
LAW 5835Products Liability1-3
LAW 5845Publicly Held Corporations3
* Limited Enrollment. Course likely to be full. Law students have first priority.

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