Minor in Journalism


The Journalism minor consists of 15 credit hours of journalism coursework. It is intended for students from other MU academic divisions who wish to broaden their understanding of the news media's role in society. 


Students are required to take either JOURN 1000 The News Media: Journalism and Advertising in a Democratic Society or JOURN 1100 Principles of Journalism in Democracy.

Students who decide to pursue the minor after completing JOURN 1100 Principles of Journalism in Democracy are ineligible to take JOURN 1000 Journalism for Non-Majors.

In addition to JOURN 1000 and JOURN 1100, the following courses can be selected by students who wish to complete a Journalism minor.

JOURN 1200 Fundamentals of Visual Journalism and Strategic Communication (3)
JOURN 1300 Fundamentals of Written Journalism and Strategic Communication (3)
JOURN 1400 Applied Projects for Journalism and Strategic Communication (3)
JOURN 2000 Cross-Cultural Journalism (3)
JOURN 2301 Topics in Journalism and Strategic Communication (3)
JOURN 2200 Audiences and Persuasion (2)
JOURN 3000 History of American Journalism (3)
JOURN 4000 Communications Law (3)
JOURN 4160 Social Media Foundations and Practice (1)


Students may apply for the Journalism minor at any time, so long as they have a minimum UM system cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher. 

Transfer students may use up to three credit hours of approved Journalism transfer credit toward a Journalism minor.

Students pursuing a Journalism major are ineligible for the Journalism minor.


Students are permitted to self-enroll in JOURN 1100 Principles of Journalism in Democracy or JOURN 1000 Journalism for Non-Majors. Other courses are offered on a space-available basis and after the early registration period has ended, if the student meets the prerequisites to enroll in the course. Students are required to submit a course preference list to the Journalism Minor Coordinator. If space is available, a permission number to enroll will be provided.

Students that would like to enroll in skills based courses are encouraged to enroll in JOURN 1100 Principles of Journalism in Democracy

Academic Status

Students are subject to probationary or suspension status as determined by the student’s major division. Students must earn a minimum grade of C- in Journalism courses.  Journalism courses may be repeated one time.  Upon repeating a course, if a student fails to earn a C- or better, the student is no longer eligible for the Journalism Minor.

Journalism students that leave the major may declare the minor in Journalism if they have  completed lower-level journalism courses with a C- or better. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 to be eligible to take additional journalism courses.

The journalism minor is awarded after the student completes the required number of journalism credit hours.


School of Journalism course fees are applied to all Journalism courses.


Journalism minors are not assigned a faculty advisor or academic advisor within the School of Journalism. Contact the Office of Student Services in the School of Journalism for more information.

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