LLM in American Law

Graduates of the LL.M. in American Law program should:

  • Possess substantial knowledge of the legal system in the United States
  • Possess substantial knowledge in legal analysis and reasoning, legal research, problem solving, and oral communication as practiced in the U.S. legal community
  • Understand the goals, structure, values, rules, and responsibilities of the U.S. legal profession and conduct their legal practice in a professional and ethical manner
  • Possess the lawyering skills generally regarded as necessary for effective and responsible participation in the U.S. legal profession
  • Possess substantial knowledge in areas of the law considered to be foundational for admission to the bar, and for the practice of law in the United States

Degree Requirements

The LL.M. in American Law is a 24 credit hour program. There will be three core required courses - Overview of the U.S. Legal System, Legal Research and Writing, and Professional Responsibility.  Elective courses will be selected from the existing J.D. or LL.M. curriculum. This will provide flexibility for students to customize study in any number of fields in the law school such as intellectual property, commercial law, international law, tax, environmental law, and employment law.

Program open only to international students who have their first degree in law from an institution outside the U.S.

Required Courses6
LAW 6980Overview of the US Legal System2
LAW 5280Professional Responsibility2
LAW 6925LL.M. Independent Study1-3