Graduate Certificate in Health Ethics

The Health Ethics Certificate program is ideal for both students and working professionals such as physicians, nurses, healthcare administrators, and those serving on hospital ethics committees or considering such health ethics issues in their daily employment. The certificate program will help the learner develop an understanding of the ethical issues related to health and healthcare and will foster skill in analyzing and resolving ethical problems and conflicts in the healthcare environment.

The Department of Health Management and Informatics offers the Graduate Certificate in Health Ethics in partnership with the MU Center for Health Ethics. The Certificate may be completed entirely online or through articulation with residential Graduate and professional coursework.


While there are multiple educational offerings that may result in certificate acquisition, students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours from the below approved list:

Required Courses
HMI 7564Health Ethics Theory3
HMI 8565Health Care Ethics3
Elective Course Options
HMI 7567Health Organizational Ethics3
HMI 7566Health Informatics Ethics3
HMI 8485Problems in Health Management and Informatics (Applied Bioethics Practicum - Independent study )1-6
HMI 8515Problems in Medical Ethics and Clinical Ethics Consultation Practicum (Identical to IN_MED 6515. For non medical students.)5
HMI 8574Health Care Law3
HMI 8575Health Policy and Politics3
IN_MED 6515Problems in Medical Ethics5
LAW 5615Health Law: The Regulation of Providers1-3

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