Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics

About the Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics

The Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics offered by the Department of Health Management and Informatics provides learners with the skills necessary to participate in the selection, use, and evaluation of information technology applications throughout the health services industry. The certificate program is designed for students, physicians, nurses, managers, information system designers, consultants, and others committed to the application of information technology for improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of health services.

Students may pursue the HI Certificate in either the residential (on-campus) or executive (blended) format. Students who wish to pursue only the HI Certificate must apply to the HMI Department and the Graduate School for admission to the Graduate Certificate program. Students currently enrolled in a non-HMI Graduate program also need to formally apply for the Certificate. 


The HI Certificate requires the completion of four courses (12 credit hours total).  All students must complete HMI 7430 Introduction to Health Informatics, and may choose any three other health informatics courses to fulfill the remaining nine hours.  Students will choose their courses in consultation with the HMI academic advisor.

HMI 7430Introduction to Health Informatics3
Electives (select three courses)
HMI 7431Foundation of Public Health Informatics 3
HMI 7436Telehealth3
HMI 7440Health Information Technology3
HMI 7566Health Informatics Ethics3
HMI 8435Information Security, Evaluation and Policy3
HMI 8437Data Warehousing and Data/Text Mining for Health Care3
HMI 8441Biomedical and Health Vocabularies and Ontologies3
HMI 8443Enterprise Information and Solutions Architecture for Strategic Healthcare Operations3
HMI 8550Health Data Analytics3
HMI 8571Decision Support in Health Care Systems3
HMI 8610Consumer Health Informatics3
HMI 8870Knowledge Representation in Biology and Medicine3

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