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Certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship

The Undergraduate Certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship is meant to extend the study of an individual arts discipline. Students across the disciplines of Visual Studies (Art, Art History, Design, Digital Storytelling, Film), Music, and Theatre benefit from the business, marketing and organizational skills offered by certificate courses to develop the skills needed to build a thriving career in the many arts industries.

The Certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship provides an excellent foundation for those who want to become working artists, musicians, actors, or designers and for those who want work in arts management in businesses and non-profit organizations. It provides each student the unique opportunity to explore their own creative process and their ability to collaborate with others.

Availability: Aimed primarily at degree-seeking undergraduate students in the School of Music, Department of Theatre, and School of Visual Studies, this certificate is also available to students in other departments as an add-on to a degree or as a stand-alone certificate. All students who wish to declare the certificate should contact: Pete Zambito, zambitop@missouri.edu.


Required Courses
THEATR 4510Career Development for Theatre Artists3
or MUS_GENL 4510 Career Development for Musicians
or ART_VS 4510 Career Development for Visual Artists
THEATR 4512Principles of Entrepreneurship: Arts Strategies3
or MUS_GENL 4512 Principles of Arts Entrepreneurship
or ART_VS 4512 Principles of Arts Entrepreneurship
THEATR 4514Arts Engagement3
or MUS_GENL 4514 Arts Engagement
or ART_VS 4514 Arts Engagement
THEATR 4516Arts Finance3
or MUS_GENL 4516 Arts Finance
or ART_VS 4516 Arts Finance
Total Credits12