Graduate Certificate in Special Education

This certificate prepares personnel working in education settings to develop expertise for working with students with special needs. It enables educators to develop expertise in learner characteristics (e.g., gifted, autism, early childhood) and/or instructional practices in teaching and learning (e.g., behavior management, intervention & instruction, collaboration & consultation, assessment, mathematics, reading).


Students complete a set 12 hour (4 courses) program of study. Courses can be taken in any order. Students eligible for the certificate program must hold a bachelor’s degree in the field of education, special education, or related services.  Eligible students may or may not be concurrently enrolled in a graduate program.

Required 12 hours: students may choose any four courses from the lists of electives below.  

NOTE: if the student has not taken SPC_ED 7300 Introduction to Special Education as part of their undergraduate program, they will need to take this as a first elective.

SPC_ED 8406Differentiating Instruction: Reaching Gifted, Typical and Struggling Learners3
SPC_ED 8391Curriculum Methods for Gifted and Talented Students3
SPC_ED 8380Nature and Needs of Gifted and Talented Students3
SPC_ED 8405Assessment and Evaluation in Gifted Education3
SPC_ED 8601Introduction to Autism3
SPC_ED 8602Methods of Instruction for Students with Autism3
SPC_ED 8603Social Competency for Students with Autism3
SPC_ED 8604Autism without Co-occurring Intellectual Disability3
SPC_ED 8605Young Children with Autism3
SPC_ED 8606Assessment in Autism, Special Education3
Early Childhood
SPC_ED 8485Introduction and Methods of Early Intervention3
SPC_ED 8495Introduction and Methods of Early Childhood Special Education2-3
SPC_ED 8490Assessment in Early Childhood Special Education3
SPC_ED 8605Young Children with Autism3
Behavior Management in Education Settings
SPC_ED 7310Behavioral and Classroom Management3
SPC_ED 8440Advanced Behavior Management: Applied Behavior Analysis3
SPC_ED 7320Assessment and Evaluation in Special Education3
SPC_ED 8XXXAdvanced Behavior Analysis for Instruction (Course in Development)3
Intervention and Instruction
SPC_ED 7320Assessment and Evaluation in Special Education3
SPC_ED 7370Literacy in Special Education3
SPC_ED 7380Methods in Cross-Categorical Special Education4
SPC_ED 8330Advanced Teaching Mathematics in Special Education3
SPC_ED 7330Collaboration and Consultation in Special Education3
SPC_ED 7390Transition in Special Education3
SPC_ED 7375Cross Categorical Special Education3

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